N&Q: Family office deals; Nextgen takes bigger role at well known family business


Family office deals

MSD Partners, part of Michael Dell’s family office empire, is to buy Ring Container Technologies. More details here

PSP Capital, the investment firm founded by Penny Pritzker, is backing a machine learning group called HouseCanary. PSP Capital entered a Series B funding round for the group. More details here.

Canadian family office Skidmore and Canadian private equity firm SouthPac Partners have acquired Cinnaroll Bakeries, a bakery and maker of gourmet cinnamon rolls. More details here.

Palmarium, a Swiss family office, has acquired MVNO Lebara, a telecoms group. More details here


Ottobock brings in the next gen

Georgia Näder, the youngest daughter of Prof. Hans Georg Näder, the owner of the German family business, has been appointed to the newly created supervisory board of Ottobock. More details here.