Photo by Zemler/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Zemler/iStock / Getty Images

January 15      The End of Rothschild Patriarchy

Ariane de Rothschild appointed chair of the executive committee of Edmond de Rothschild – arguably the world’s most famous family business makes changes…


January 20      Peter Wallenberg’s Five Greatest Achievements

The death of Peter Wallenberg of the famous eponymous business dynasty – the Swedish business icon leaves a great legacy


January 28      Henokiens: The World’s Most Exclusive Club

To join you need to be a family business in existence for at least 200 years


February 24      Italy’s Dual-share Scheme Will Cement Its Family Business Culture

Italian authorities bolster long-termism in business


March 3      Tax Is Becoming A Big Issue For Family Business

Study shows that European family businesses are feeling the pressure from tougher tax rules


March 6    Family Offices Boom, Private Banks Shrink

The number of family offices has doubled in the past 10 years, as private banks struggle


March 30    The Three Archetypes That Make Good Non-Family CEOs

The demand for top non-family CEOs has never been greater, but what makes a good one?


April 18    Middle East Family Businesses Are Bogged Down By Disputes

Succession and improved governance is being delays because of disputes


April 22    The Top 500 Family Businesses

They are creating more jobs than non-family businesses


May 1        Five Lessons From Francois Michelin

The former head of the French tire business leaves a considerable legacy


May 28    Is Samsung On A Collision Course With The South Korean Government?

The huge chaebol continues to court controversy


June 3        The Rise Of The Blended Family Business

The nexus between family businesses and family offices is set to rise


June 14    Why Women Flourish In Family Businesses

Women are better able to reach positions of power in family businesses than in non-family ones


June 17    Five Octogenarian Family Business Leaders Still Going Strong

Succession doesn’t figure with these leaders


July 2        The Family Office, The Family Business And The Non-Family Managers

The extraordinary saga surrounding the Swiss chemical group Sika – which even involves the world’s richest man, Bill Gates


July 15        Single Family Offices Manage A Lot Of Money – Here’s A Guesstimate

It is a lot and growing rapidly


July 27        The Economist Becomes A Family Business

For so many years predicting the demise of the family business model, The Economist is now owned by a group of them


August 10    Five Things We Can Learn From Johanna Quandt

Outsiders like Johanna Quandt can become hugely influential in even the biggest family businesses


August 27    Five Next Gens to Watch

These names will gain in stature in the years ahead


September 3    The 25 Best Business Schools For Family Businesses

The first ever list of its kind gets read more than any other Family Capital article


Sept 7        Five Things Sir Adrian Cadbury’s Life Can Teach Family Businesses

If he was still alive today, he might not be too happy with the state of his company today


Sept 16    This Is The Most Beautiful Film Ever About A Family Business

An enchanting glimpse into the oldest family business in the world – Houshi Ryokan


Oct 8        The VW Scandal Isn’t Good For German Family Businesses

The links between VW and many German family businesses is great, and will hurt many of them


Oct 21        Political Dynasties Abound – Should That Give Hope to Business Families

Political dynasties don’t get business dynasties, nor are they about to


Nov 3        Will Robo-Advisers Take Over Investment Decisions For Family Offices?

Chief investment officers may be a threatened species


Nov 5        Ten Banks Good With Families

Being owned by a family helps banks understand them better


Nov 18        The Three Generation Phenomenon – Is It Really True?

“Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” in three generations is increasingly irrelevant


Nov 25        Family Capital Investor Of The Year

John Elkann and Exor were the outstanding investors of 2015


Dec 3        The Zuckerberg Effect On Family Businesses

Next gens may increasingly give away the business they inherit as the Giving Pledge gains in popularity


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