Ten family businesses with family offices

A Coruña in northern Spain, where the world's second richest individual has his family office    Photo: Luis Miguel Bugallo Sanchez, Wikimedia
A Coruña in northern Spain, where the world’s second richest individual has his family office    Photo: Luis Miguel Bugallo Sanchez, Wikimedia

Many family offices emerge after businesses are sold – the big sum of money made from the sale often leads to the decision to set one up. But many also emerge beforehand, still linked to an operational business. Here’s ten of them that fit this bill.


The family office of the Dutch-side of the Brenninkmeijer family, who control the retail group C&A. Based in Amsterdam, Anthos also has offices in Luxembourg and Switzerland.


Cambuhy Investimentos

The family office of Moreira Salles, whose family is linked to one of Brazil’s biggest banks, Itaú-Unibanco. Salles is also chairman of the bank. Cambuhy is based in Sao Paulo.


1888 Management

The recently set up family office of Charles and David Koch, who control Koch Industries, one of America’s biggest privately owned companies. Like Koch Industries, 1888 is based in Wichita, Kansas.


Fremont Group

The family office of the Bechtels, who own Bechtel, the biggest construction company in America in terms of revenues. Launched in 1980, Fremont became a separate entity in 1986 and oversees sub-family offices BF Global and Fremont Private Holdings.


Landon Investments

The family office of the Gallardos, who control the Barcelona pharmaceutical group, Almirall. Landon was set up in 2002 and is also based in Barcelona.



The family office of the Mulliez family, which also control one of France’s biggest retail groups, Auchan. Mobilis is based in Roubaix, near the border with Belgium.



The family office of Amancio Ortega, the founder of Inditex, which in term owns the retail group, Zara. Like Inditex, Pontegadea is based in A Coruna in northern Spain.


Premji Investment

The family office of Azim Premji. Azim is chairman of the huge Indian software group Wipro. Premji Investment was founded 10 years ago and is based in Bangalore, but also has an office in California.


Reitan Kapital

The family office of the Reitans, who control one of Norway’s biggest businesses, the Reitan Group. Only recently set up, Reitan Kapital is managed by a family member, Magnus Reitan.



The family office of members of the Cargills and MacMillans, who control the huge agricultural trading group, Cargill. Waycrosse traces its roots back to 1965 and like Cargill is based in Wayzata, Minnesota.