N&Q: Family offices investments; 3rd gen fambiz plans IPO; ex-family office employee sells start-up…


Family office investments

A Brussels-based family office called SPDG has backed a clean-tech start-up called NanoSteel, according to reports. SPDG is the private investment group for the Périer-D’Ieteren family, which co-controls the D’Ieteren Group, a big auto distributor in Belgium. Olivier Périer, CEO of SPDG, said in a press statement:  “NanoSteel is a compelling opportunity that targets two of our core investment strategies, disruptive mobility solutions and environmental sustainability. We believe NanoSteel is positioned for significant growth.”


Start-up sold by ex-family office employee

Chris Tyrrell, a former employee of a single-family office called Nehemiah Investments, has sold his startup OfferBoard to Entoro Group for an undisclosed sum. OfferBoard is a crowdfunding platform providing capital to private companies and was started by Tyrrell in 2013 after leaving Nehemiah, which also backed the initiative with seed funding. Nehemiah, based in Princeton, New Jersey, is the investment vehicle Sean Fieler, who made his money in hedge funds.


3rd gen family business Canada Goose plans IPO

Canada Goose, the apparel company best known for its winter jackets, has said it is planning to do a listing on both the Toronto and New York Stock Exchange. Founded in 1957 by Sam Tick, Canada Goose is still owned by his family and third generation Dani Reiss is president and CEO of the group.