N&Q: Family investment deals; big family business dispute breaks out in Canada…


Family office backs impact investment deal; private equity/family business deals

Cambooya, a family office owned by part of the Fairfax family in Australia, has backed a startup called Yume, a surplus food online marketplace. A report in The Australian says Cambooya has invested A$1 million in Yume. The Fairfax family made their money in the media industry and still have holdings in some of Australia’s more prominent newspapers and magazines.

Kenafric Industries, a family-owned conglomerate based in Kenya, has sold a minority stake to two private equity funds, Paris-headquartered Amethis Finance and South Africa’s Metier. The two funds are buying a 40% stake in the business, which was founded 30 years ago by Velji Punja Shah and his four sons.


Family dispute goes public on ownership of Canadian food company

Dare Foods, a Canadian-based family business, is facing an unusual claim from one of the family members. According to the Financial Post, fourth generation Carolyn Ruth Dare-Wilfred is pursuing a legal claim of corporate oppression in courts in Toronto. Carolyn says she has been “shut out of the family,” discriminated against by patriarchal traditional German values, and prevented from selling her inheritance by an unfair shareholder agreement, according to the report.