N&Q: Family offices dominate private VC funding in Europe; and a family office puts principal’s yacht up for sale…


Family offices dominate VC funding in Europe

Interestingly, a new report on private equity and venture capital funding has found that family offices and private individuals are the second biggest contributes to VC funds in Europe, according to a report from Invest Europe. Of the €6.5 billion of total money raised for VC funds in 2016 in Europe, family offices and private individuals contributed 20% of the funding, compared with 25% from government-linked groups. When it comes to PE funds raised, a total of €74.5 billion was raised last year, and family offices and private individuals contributed 9% of the funds raised, compared with pension funds at 25% of the total.


A family office puts a beautiful yacht up for sale

In the market for a yacht, then perhaps this one might interest you? It’s called Pink Gin and it’s currently owned by Professor Hans Georg Näder, the owner of a German-based family business called Ottobock, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of prosthetic limbs. His family office is handling the transaction. Interested? Here’s the website on the boat and the sale…