Millennial Members of Business Families 2017 – Take the Survey


Professor John Davis and Dr Jeremy Schulz of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise request your participation in a brief survey of Millennial members (Gen Y) of multigenerational business families. This study will identify the issues at the heart of engaging, integrating, and preparing Millennials for different roles in the family enterprise.

Questions explore Millennials’ career and work aspirations, how Millennials approach their current and potential roles in their family enterprise, their lifestyle ambitions, and how they define success and happiness in life. While much research has been done on the Millennial generation globally, this project is the first that is totally devoted to Millennials in multigenerational business families.

We thank you for your contribution to this research and for advancing the study of family enterprise, specifically how to successfully develop the Millennial generation as future entrepreneurs, leaders, and owners of family enterprises around the world.