N&Q: Family office deals, other family office news


Family office deals

Omidyar Network, an investment office owned by the US-based Omidyar family, participated in a venture round to fund a preschool startup called Wonderschool. Omidyar and four other investors provided $2.1 million of funding for the San Francisco group.

IDUN, a Spanish family office, has seeded a Spanish startup called Theglobalpassword. IDUN was one of four other investors that backed the startup with €300,000 of funding.

Walton Enterprises, a family office managing the billionaire Walton family money, has backed a group called FoodMaven. The family office participated in a Series A funding round worth $8.6 million.


Hedge fund/family office

According to various reports, Paris-based hedge fund Verrazzano Capital is turning itself into a family office and returning cash to external investors. Its chief executive is Guillaume Rambourg.