The third generation is revitalizing the family’s entrepreneurship

The country has a few more than 20 single-family offices, but expect many more to be launched in the years ahead

There is a growing amount of evidence that shows family businesses generate more jobs and higher profits with less debt than non-family businesses. What’s going on? 

Will other family-owned coffee firms follow Massimo Zanetti’s lead? Or might they even fancy a tie-up with the newly floated third-generation firm?  

It may have been owned by a tangle of families that offends purists, but there is something to be said for the tyre company’s complicated structure. 

When he took over the struggling motorcycle brand from his dying father in 2010 nobody expected much, but it is winning on the track again, and Mercedes recently took at 25% stake.

Family businesses are much smaller in Italy than they are in France and Germany. That needs to change if the country is going to flourish.