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But the sector in the region is being held back because of a lack of talent 

Business owning families aren’t looking for outside investors

The reality is there aren’t many family offices in the region

The Middle East is dominated by family businesses, but, despite stock markets in the Gulf region weighed down by liquidity, few families are tempted to take their business public.

Great governance has helped Nuqul become one of the Middle East’s most successful family businesses. Now it is embarking on its next phase of growth, backed by private equity.

A lack of disclosure and transparency at Middle East groups means that getting access to credit is difficult.

Conflicts are breaking out much more among the members of family-controlled companies when the patriarch dies

The Qatari ruling family, the Al Thanis, seem to be rapidly changing their country’s sovereign wealth fund into a vast family office. But their secrecy means their intentions are far from clear.