non-family management

Family businesses reckon that recruiting and retaining talented staff is their biggest issue…that’s not going away given the demand for non-family executives is growing even at much smaller family firms

In the last month, two of Spain’s best-known family businesses have ditched their family CEOs in favour of outsiders

Effectively, today there is a secondary market for non-family CEOs who’ve worked for family businesses…that wasn’t the case 10 years ago

Family Capital in association with KPMG launched its Professional Managers Group last week at an inaugural lunch in London, below are five of the key points discussed. 

A report by PwC suggests that big changes are afoot in American family companies, with the current family heads keen to hand on the business to a professional manager. 

When Francois Pinault, the head of the Kering group of luxury brands, appointed Patricia Barbizet as the new head of Christie’s, he was giving a vote of confidence is one of the select band of family business specialist managers