non-family managers

Niels Christiansen joins a growing list of bosses with family business backgrounds

They are among the most successful CEOs in the world…

Yes, if you believe a Harvard Business Review survey

It is not uncommon for several generations of a non-owning family to work for a family company. Why does it happen? 

Family Capital in association with KPMG launched its Professional Managers Group last week at an inaugural lunch in London, below are five of the key points discussed. 

Family businesses face many challenges to remain competitive, and the best solution is often to bring non-family professionals into top management positions.

What makes a good non-family business CEO? Search firm Egon Zehnder says that the successful candidate will fit one of three archetypes.

A recent study argues that non-family CEOs are best for family firms, but only when monitored by a group of family members. 

They are a special breed – able to work well with powerful families and grow the businesses they oversee