An understanding of cultural and legal differences affecting a family business isn’t been appreciated enough by most family business advisers

Countries where inheritance tax is high also tend to have less favourable entrepreneurial environments

Family Capital’s weekly look at the goings-ons in the world of family capital

Family Capital’s weekly look at the goings-ons in the world of family capital

Passing on a business to the next generation is likely to have greater tax implications in the years ahead

Family Capital introduced its WealthSpike column – a wry take on the world of wealth 

Many wealthy families are watching the outcome of a big trial in France with trepidation 

European family businesses are starting to protest more about higher tax burdens, and a Swiss report suggests that planned rises could severely damage firms. 

Mittelstand businesses are concerned that changes to how they are taxed will damage them, and that in turn will damage the country’s economy. 

Germany’s new tax law is worrying the country’s family-owned businesses, and what we know already hints at a far more onerous regime.