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Our uniquely curated database is growing every day. Getting profile data on more than 1,000 family investment groups isn’t easy. Our unique product solves that problem for you.

We created FamCap Analytics to make life easier, so if you want to access all of the data, take a full subscription now and start super powering your sector insights.

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Full Access to Family Capital Premium  AND...

Full Access to Family Capital Analytics, which includes: 

More than 1000 detailed profiles of family/principal investment groups, with what they invest in, their top management, and who they co-invest with.

Access to FamilyCapital Analytics exclusive Ranking System that ranks the most active investors in the sector.

Individual Profiles on each investment office, which features Ownership Structure, Direct Deals, Management (LinkedIn profiles), and relevant News and Analysis


Search the database by where they are Based, what Investments they do, and what type of a structure they are, as well as all News and Analysis connected to the investment office

Search which ones are doing the most Impact and ESG investing

The database is constantly updated with new family/principal investment groups added daily, as well as deals, and management

Easy Data layout that maximizes access to unrivalled information on family and principal investment offices across the world