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Big tech has created many billionaires who often go on to create family offices. But one such company - and it’s not in the US - has so far created more family offices than any others.
The phenomenal growth of the private markets in the last 10 years has given rise to a new type of investment group - the family-backed/entrepreneur-backed investment fund
Paul McCartney/James McCartney MPL Ventures Set up last December, MPL Ventures is owned by James McCartney, the son of the legendary musician and songwriter, Paul McCartney
Family Capital has drawn up a list of the 50 family offices/principal investment groups that it believes are contributing the most to innovation
European family offices lag their US counterparts when it comes to backing local venture groups
Politics is often the route to fortunes in countries a little less democratic than the US and the UK
In the 20th century, Aristotle Onassis stood out as a colossus in the world of shipping and global wealth
In the last week, two investment groups owned by wealthy Black Americans were among Family Capital’s weekly list of family/principal investment offices doing deals.
Isreal has one of the most dynamic tech sectors in the world, pulling in money from all over the world to participate in its rapid growth
An increasing number of the world’s wealthiest individuals and families live in Asia.