Big tech has created many billionaires who often go on to create family offices. But one such company - and it’s not in the US - has so far created more family offices than any others.
An office block in the UK city of Birmingham has become the first building to be securitised on the International Property Securities Exchange, with the backing of family office investors
The phenomenal growth of the private markets in the last 10 years has given rise to a new type of investment group - the family-backed/entrepreneur-backed investment fund
Back in 2008, someone, or something, called Satoshi Nakamoto published a discussion paper called: “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.”

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The US-based Pritzkers probably have more investment offices than any other family in the world, but a European retail dynasty is notching up many as well
With more family offices based there than any other place globally, New York City has an ecosystem for the sector like nowhere else
Our unique new service Family Capital Analytics ranks for the first time the top family and principal investment offices


Post-IPO Investment Invus, a New York City-based investment business backed by Eric Wittouck, one of Belgium’s richest individuals, has invested in Cyclerion Therapeutics, a biotech group.
The Duke of Westminster’s Grosvenor Group has finalised plans to buy an equity stake in eponymous London fashion chain Roland Mouret, designer of the renowned Galaxy dress.
Private Equity EQT, the private equity group backed by the Wallenberg family of Sweden, has invested in DESOTEC, a mobile industrial filtration technology group


Great returns, low volatility, downside protection. What could possibly go wrong? Lots, it turns out, if you’re not prepared.
Rising commodity prices are continuing to fuel inflation, which has led to a 4.2% rise in US consumer prices in the year to April, the highest in any year since 2008
This February, Whitney Wolfe Herd, a mother aged 31, woke up $1.5 billion richer after Bumble, her dating app business, floated its shares on Nasdaq.  She had built the business in less than six years.
Once upon a time, and it was really not that long ago, there was a loving mother, Henrietta, who desperately wanted to treat her three children equally