Following a series of setbacks for venture capital, real estate has reasserted its position as top investment for family offices, where it comprises nearly 30% of US portfolios
Part One of the 100 Influencers - The Top Academics in the world of family enterprises as nominated by Family Capital's readers
Elon Musk is rarely out of the headlines, and he hit them big this week with his acquisition of a sizable stake in the social media platform Twitter


A Mississippi-based family office has managed the transition from a 70-year-old family business into a successful private equity-focused group that has brought its skills to a portfolio of thriving companies
Tensions between family offices and asset managers are rising, with one investment advisor telling Family Capital of receiving death threats from a family member
John Lennon had a yellow one. Sylvester Stallone had one but sold it on eBay. Martina Navratilova has owned more than half a dozen. James Dean had his neck broken by one he nicknamed “The Little Bastard.”


Emerging markets retain a touching faith in cryptocurrencies, according to newly-published data. But don’t be fooled.
Post-IPO Funding Flerie Invest has invested in LipUm, a biotech group. Flerie committed SEK39 million to the Sweden-based group
Technology stocks have crashed, but Adobe’s $20 billion bid for US web-based graphic designer Figma shows that family office investors can continue to profit from a surge in M&A activity in the sector. 

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Over the seventy years of her reign, the late Queen Elizabeth II offered a masterclass in how to manage her inheritance - and the succession
My parents were both religious and sent me to bible classes. One lesson was truly scary
It looks like the merger through a blank check company of two multi-family offices - London-based Alvarium and New York City-based Tiedemann Advisors - will occur after some delay from the original timeline
Supermarket chains all began as family businesses, but private equity has come calling for two of Britain’s largest.