The FamCap 50 are the top investment individuals in the world of family capital. They are outstanding investors who make a difference to their businesses and the wider world
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Members of some of Europe's most prominent family business dynasties have invested in a novel new asset-class business designed to reverse environmental damage
The pulse of the German economy is taken almost daily - and it’s often depressing. Issues are piling up - high energy costs, skill shortages, crumbling infrastructure, and too much bureaucracy.


Two thirds of family offices say talent retention is now "problematic", according to a survey by AlTi Tiedemann Global, the multi-family office
Since retiring as Microsoft chief executive in 2014, Steve Ballmer has set out to show that family offices using a commercial approach get a bigger bang for their philanthropic buck
The ongoing staff shortage problem for family offices exposes them to risks they may not fully appreciate and places additional pressure on existing employees who are often poorly trained and lack development…


Global regulators are scrambling to keep a lid on cryptocurrencies by clamping down on providers, amid fears they could suck capital out of struggling economies and cost their investors money
As per usual, biotech and AI were the top investment choices. Other interesting deals included an automotive AI group backed by the Ford family and a London-based cookie company backed by the Bata family
The principal makes investment decisions at 56% of US family offices, according to a survey published by JP Morgan’s private bank. 

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Racing car star Nico Rosberg has launched a venture fund and wants family offices and the ultra-high net worth to invest
The almost inevitable incoming Labour government won't care much about the very rich leaving the UK
One of the world's biggest economies might be a bit concerned about how family capital could undermine its success
Political parties and their supporters have always looked for clever ways to discredit opponents, but today’s technology provides unscrupulous operators (domestic and foreign) with tools that would have b…