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According to a survey of more than 1,000 experts by Julius Baer’s newly-published Family Barometer: “More than half of families would likely get better results if they took a more structured approach.”
For some family offices, the allure of investing with a wide range of talented fund managers is less strong than simply doing direct deals and taking satisfaction from the fact
As much of the world economy enters a period of slower growth, even recession, family offices should prepare themselves for the consequences


These days, family offices take advice from investment bankers more often than they care to admit. The larger family offices also employ them more frequently due to their size and sophistication
The heirs to one of the biggest fortunes in Europe are discreetly building a family office/investment business, buying stakes in family businesses, and building their ESG credentials
Former hedge fund investor Peter Lupoff and his wife Kelly Stevens are using a family office to build a portfolio around early-stage investments in funds managed by people of colour and/or women


Please refer back with updated links Post-IPO Funding Mithaq Capital has invested in Aimia, an investment company. Mithaq committed $37.4 million to the Canadian group
Interest in direct and co-investing has slumped, according to a survey of 120 family offices managing $243 billion by BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager.
Arguably Singapore’s two most powerful family dynasties - both called Lee - have come together in a joint family office structure to invest in crypto and biotech. 

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Singapore is the go-to place for family offices. Official figures from the city state’s authorities say more than 1,500 have registered in Singapore in the last few years.
Around ten years ago, I interviewed the heir to one of America's most famed family business dynasties
Over the years, the banking sector has been at the centre of every US financial crisis
He told me not to worry; he had sold our family business shares before meeting me, at a profit