The appetite for multi-family real estate investment deals is growing across the global family office community amid expectations that a rise in interest rates will be deferred by a renewed surge in Covid-19…
Capital sometimes moves in mysterious ways like this recent investment in a little known Berlin startup by some of the wealthiest families in Europe
Two storied shipping dynasties have invested in a food tech company making a protein through fermenting fungi used as a meat substitute, as family office investments in alternative food production continue…
Two high profile family groups have launched a company to back consumer goods businesses in Italy and have committed €300 million to make investments in the sector. 
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Two European family dynasties, one owning a London-based family office and the other heralding from one of the grandest aristocratic families in central Europe, could be in for a big windfall involving…
Chinese premier Xi Jinping is the latest convert to the Tall Poppy Syndrome, a cultural phenomenon where those in authority criticise, or sabotage, wealthy individuals perceived to have an excessive sense…
More and more family offices are pivoting their investment strategies towards purpose-led efforts, with impact investing often at the top of this agenda


Private Equity PremjiInvest has invested in Amagi Media Labs, an advertising/media platform. PremijiInvest was one of four investors committing $100 million to the New York City-based group
Family offices/holding groups are out to disrupt the credit card industry by backing companies like ScalaPay, the newest provider of Buy Now, Pay Later consumer loans
Private Equity Pritzker Private Capital has invested in NAI Group, a privately held manufacturer of connectivity solutions for telecommunications, industrial and medical applications


There has recently been a significant stir in the UK press about HNW victims successfully privately prosecuting fraudsters in criminal courts
A good indicator of the health of Hong Kong’s investment sector is local family office activity. Right now, that activity looks strong, and the government is doing a lot to promote the sector.
According to a 19th Century English proverb, families go from clogs to clogs in three generations, as they escape from poverty for a while, only to end up destitute down the road
Social media can be a bit like marmite (that English spread) that is used as a metaphor for likes and dislikes. It divides people quite strongly into likes and dislikes