The Evergreen company idea is catching on not only with new ventures, but also with multigenerational family businesses

Effectively, today there is a secondary market for non-family CEOs who’ve worked for family businesses…that wasn’t the case 10 years ago

Many family offices are committing more assets to the asset class

Talk to any family business owner and ask then about innovation, and they will inevitably become very enthusiastic

The Effect offers a good explanation of why some businesses survive longer than others

Some big name families are making investments in the sector

Such a panel might just be crucial to ensuring a successfully navigated intergenerational transfer- and continued business success

We stopped and looked at each other and just laughed in despair. If we feel this way imagine what family business owners are feeling?

A prominent Silicon Valley investor is backing entrepreneurs looking to start companies that last 100 years and more

Webinar with Family Capital and a private-equity specialists from a single-family office