Family Capital

Unspecified Rounds Rianta Capital has invested in VenueScanner, an events/e-commerce company. Rianta was one of two investors committing £1 million to the London-based group.
Two high profile family groups have launched a company to back consumer goods businesses in Italy and have committed €300 million to make investments in the sector. 
Founded in 1672, C.Hoare & Co is one of the oldest family businesses in existence. That’s not proven a hurdle to navigate the very 21st-century ideas on purpose-led businesses and investing. 
Post-IPO Investment Invus, a New York City-based investment business backed by Eric Wittouck, one of Belgium’s richest individuals, has invested in Cyclerion Therapeutics, a biotech group.
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Private Equity EQT, the private equity group backed by the Wallenberg family of Sweden, has invested in DESOTEC, a mobile industrial filtration technology group
Unspecified Rounds Darren Blanton’s Dallas-based Colt Ventures, together with Peter Thiel, probably through his investment office, Thiel Capital, have invested in Rumble, a video publishing company.
Big tech has created many billionaires who often go on to create family offices. But one such company - and it’s not in the US - has so far created more family offices than any others.
A Singapore-based startup that aims to be the “Amazon for business” has just received funding from three investors, one of which is the family office of a prominent private equity specialist and co-owner of …
Private Equity MSD Capital, Michael Dell’s family office, has invested in Cue Health, a healthcare group. MSD was among seven investors committing $235 million to the group. 
The phenomenal growth of the private markets in the last 10 years has given rise to a new type of investment group - the family-backed/entrepreneur-backed investment fund
The two-way street of investment talent moving between institutional asset management and family investment groups is as healthy as ever as these recent hires show