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A London-based family office has bought a historic building in New York City’s SoHo district at a big discounted price. 
Private Equity Issarts Capital has invested in Armen, a financial services group. Issarts was one of three investors committing an undisclosed amount to the Paris-based group
This publication and others have well documented the growth of family office numbers, but family investment offices are increasingly splitting into sub-sets
"Without beating around too many bushes, we see neurodiversity as a gift
Unspecified Rounds Breyer Capital, Time Ventures, and Koch Disruptive Technologies have invested in Artera, an AI healthcare group
Family businesses with a company purpose connected to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are performing better than their peers, says a PwC report. 
Helped by the Russian sanctions, Norway’s revenue from oil and gas almost tripled in 2022 to a record $140 billion in 2022.
Private Equity Eldridge has invested in gamma, a media and entertainment business. Eldridge was one of three investors committing $1 billion to the Los Angeles-based group
Silicon Valley Bank wanted to work with family offices, so it sponsored three research reports on family offices and the venture sector
Unspecified Rounds DNS Capital has invested in Quantifind, a fintech group. DNS was one of five investors committing $23 million to the Menlo Park-based group
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A recently set up family office by an e-commerce unicorn owner wants to mentor 100s of entrepreneurs and has set up an academy to do so