Family Capital

A Miami-based family office linked to a Columbian billionaire family is behind one of the fastest-growing companies in the world
The term family office is confusing and needs to be better defined, says Christina Wing, who teaches at Harvard Business School
Post-IPO Funding Morningside Ventures has invested in New Amsterdam Pharma, a biotech group. Morningside was one of nine investors committing $235 million to the Dutch group
One of Australia’s wealthiest individuals is using his family office to back a fund to help reconstruct postwar Ukraine and is committing $500 million of his own money to seed the fund. 
Post-IPO Funding Färna Invest has invested in HANZA, a manufacturing group. Farna was one of three investors committing SEK147 million to the Swedish group.
Using advice from a family office, a corporate minnow from Australia is preparing to take on the goliaths which lurk in the world of lithium batteries, after developing more potent energy storage through…
Three family offices have acquired a meat company to grow an already thriving food business in North America
Post-IPO Funding Atlas Investissement has invested in Millicom Systems, a digital media group. Atlas committed an unspecified amount to the Luxembourg-based group
Private Equity KCK has invested in Emerging Markets Property Group, a real estate group. KCK was one of four investors committing $200 million to the Dubai-based group
An Austrian-based family office has acquired a majority stake in one of the world’s biggest makers of explorer yachts. 
As the tech boom stumbles, value stocks have finally come back into fashion. One, in particular, looks like a very good bet - and it’s a family investment group. 
Post-IPO Funding Kinnevik has invested in Recursion Pharmaceuticals, a biotech group. Kinnevik committed $150 million to the Salt Lake City-based group