But many need more convincing, especially in Germany

Investigators are looking at money deposited in Swiss bank accounts.

Europeans are often gloomy about their economy, but Chinese firms are on the lookout for businesses there, which often have deep traditions and a ready-made market. Here are five family businesses that sold out.

Local firms have donated $1m to the school to promote family companies. 

Despite ongoing worries in the Eurozone, Germany’s Mittelstand seems to be performing relatively well, and firms are planning to invest. 

Recent research suggests that family businesses help to make society more unequal, but is that really true? 

The man known as Big Moustache died when his plane crashed in Moscow, a great loss for Total and for his champagne-house family. 

Family-owned firms perform better than non-family ones, according to many people. But do they really? The truth is a little more complex.