David Bain

Family Capital has for some time believed innovations driven by entrepreneurs, many of them very rich, will solve fundamental problems like climate change, not governments or climate change activists
The spirit of Gordon Gekko and his private equity deals still haunts family businesses, 35 years after director Oliver Stone brought him to life in the film Wall Street
A group of well-known family business consultants and academics have launched a new consultancy, bringing together an unparalleled group of expertise and experience for the sector
A new family office model has emerged and it’s rapidly setting the scene for the sector in the 21st century. The new model is all about the latest technology and youthfulness.
A 100-year-plus family business that sold out to private equity a year ago has reverted back to family ownership - albeit under new ownership
Listed family businesses are lagging behind their non-family business counterparts when it comes to their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risk profile and losing their "trust premium" as a…
A good indicator of the health of Hong Kong’s investment sector is local family office activity. Right now, that activity looks strong, and the government is doing a lot to promote the sector.
When it comes to investing, family offices nearly always come back to real estate and land
One area of wealth and private investment office activity often little appreciated is linked to Germany's Mittelstand companies
One of the big trends in the venture world is the rise in the involvement of Hollywood and entertainment A-listers in the venture world
The growing importance of family offices in the world’s economy and their interactions are emphasized in a new book that aims to be the definitive desk reference for the sector. 
When it comes to the top people in venture investing, you don’t get much higher than Jon Flint and Terry McGuire.