David Bain

Tiger 21, the membership group for ultra-high net worth individuals, has launched a family office initiative led by a prominent advisor who says the conference sponsorship model isn't working for the sector
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Utopia has often been the dream of the super-rich
Family businesses have mostly had an unsettled relationship with the private equity industry. Sometimes, that relationship can boil over to hate
Encouraged by past performance, family offices have been moving closer to the US endowment model, which makes extensive use of private assets to drive returns
Family dynasties often acquire businesses with little relation to the operational enterprise that made them all their money in the first place
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Germany’s revered automobile industry faces an existential threat with the news this week that Telsa is selling more EVs than the entire German car industry.
An iconic hotel in a European capital has just been bought by a family office, sparking renewed interest in an asset class that has its fans but also comes with complexities
Here is some compelling evidence to show why Hong Kong family office investments will be problematic in the future. It involves a SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) and a  family office.
The tech sector drives much of the excitement in the business world. Generative AI provides the latest adrenaline rush
Family capital plays a big role in the French economy, as well documented, and there is now evidence to show that when it comes to family/private investment offices, Paris is outstripping London, which…