David Bain

Ten years ago, Family Capital was asked to write a story about China’s family office sector.
Family Capital and PwC have been producing a ranking of the top family businesses worldwide since 2017. The ranking has gone on to become the leading research and information platform for family businesses
Reasons have been given as to why the financial group Rothschild & Co said it is going private this week
Family offices are changing the dynamic of the longevity of wealth, which will have consequences on how governments tax the very wealthy in the future
From virtually no online presence five years ago, many single-family offices now at least have a website. And some of these websites are indistinguishable from sophisticated institutional investment groups
Creative destruction, the concept put forward by many that should be at the heart of a dynamic economy, might sit uneasily within a multi-generational family enterprise
If there is one prominent theme in the world of family capital in the year ahead, then it is the dominance of the US
In association with PwC, Family Capital is hosting a webinar on the Evolution of Family Offices
As much of the world economy enters a period of slower growth, even recession, family offices should prepare themselves for the consequences
Record falls in European currencies against a very strong dollar have led to speculation US investors will flock across the Pond to buy cheap assets
It looks like the merger through a blank check company of two multi-family offices - London-based Alvarium and New York City-based Tiedemann Advisors - will occur after some delay from the original timeline
The world's biggest family businesses saw revenues and employee numbers fall in the latest Family Capital ranking of the top 750 in the world