Family Capital

Kim Kardashian is the latest celebrity to start an investment group in an area increasingly driving global capital flows - the celebrity-backed investment office/fund
As just about everyone knows in the business world, family businesses are at the heart of the Italian economy
Vast personal wealth almost inevitably leads to institutional levels of complexity, whether intended or not
Unspecified Rounds Bill Gates, possibly through his venture group Gates Frontier, has invested in Lumotive, an autonomous vehicle/robotic group
An occasional series on the people who drive the wealth of great family dynasties, usually through a family office structure, but also often linked to the family business
London’s house prices, according to reports, might be falling, but property investors still see opportunities in the UK capital as one of the most prestigious London estate agents broadens its relationship w…
Unspecified Rounds 1Up Ventures has invested in Stratosphere Games, a gaming platform. 1Up was one of three investors committing an undisclosed amount to the Berlin-based group
The d’Amelio family, top influencers on TikTok, likely through their newly set up investment/venture office, has joined a group of social media savvy investors in a $56 million Series B funding for Ready P…
Post-IPO Funding Morningside Venture Investments has invested in GreenLight Biosciences, a biotech group. Morningside was one of 12 investors committing $109 million to the Massachusetts-based group
A US-based family office bought a tennis tournament from the United State Tennis Association after acquiring North America’s most prominent women’s only professional tennis tournament four years earlier.
Nine investors, including three family offices and Kimbal Musk, have invested in a Californian restaurant/takeaway group that charges different prices depending on an area’s median income.
Real Estate Menashe Properties has acquired Stanford Place III, an office complex in Denver for an undisclosed amount