Family Capital

Although the SPAC boom earlier this year has eased, Special Purpose Acquisition Company’s continue to be popular with investors, particularly family offices, as these two deals underline.
Private Equity Bregal Milestone has invested in InfoCert, a cybersecurity group. Bregal committed €100 million to the Rome-based group. 
As capital markets boom, the next gen of big family business dynasties is increasingly getting bolder with their efforts to make it in the world of investing as this latest example illustrates
Impact investing is all the rage these days, but a family office representing one of America's most famous families has been doing it for years
Private Equity EQT has invested in CFC Underwriting, a fintech group. EQT was one of two investors committing an unspecified amount to the London-based group
The investment business of one of America’s most storied dynasties has developed a co-investment strategy that is gaining investor interest.
Unspecified Rounds Exor Seeds has invested in TVS Supply Chain Solutions, a logistics company. Exor committed €70 million to the UK-based group. 
Revolut co-founder sets up family office Nik Storonsky, the co-founder of fintech group, Revolut, has set up a family office, according to UK sources
Unspecified Rounds Hearst Ventures has invested in The Plum Guide, a hotel and travel guide. Hearst was one of four investors committing $9 million to the London-based group
Real Estate German family offices buy London building for re-development. More details here.  Private Equity Comitis Capital has invested in PetCo, a supplier of premium dog and cat food.
A family office connected to German biotech entrepreneurs has bought a building in central London for redevelopment
The SPAC boom of the last two years might have eased in the face of regulatory scrutiny, but family offices still like them as the last few weeks of activity show