Family Capital

Unspecified Rounds Cuna del Mar has invested in LocalCoho, a sustainable fish-farming company. More details here.  A.P. Moller Holding has invested in Automata, a  biotech group. A.P.
A Toronto-based family office wants to block a merger between a revolutionary medical device company and a life-science holding group because it says the deal isn’t in the best interest of shareholders.
Unspecified Rounds Venturian Funding & Investment Group has invested in The Data City, an IT data group. Venturian committed £10 million to the Leed, UK-based group.
A little-known investment office founded by a descendant of a family business established in the 19th century is building a sizable agribusiness portfolio
The head of a prominent family office has left to set up his own investment group in New York City, and a prominent CIO joins a newly set up multi-family office
Unspecified Rounds Horizons Ventures has invested in ZeroAvia, a cleantech/aviation company. Horizons was one of 10 investors committing an undisclosed amount to the Californian-based group
One of America's biggest ariel firefighting companies, which listed earlier this year, has appointed to its board a senior member of a prominent New York City-based family office owned by a US-Columbian…
Unspecified Rounds Kinnevik, FAM, and Vargas Holding have invested in H2 Green Steel, a cleantech steel plant. The three were among 14 investors committing €1.5 billion to the Stockholm-based group. 
A Califonian-based biotech group, which saw a sharp drop in its share price in the last 12 months, is being supported by the family office as it attempts to regain trust with investors
A family office owned by one of Europe’s wealthiest heiress and her senior executive husband has bought a stake in a cosmetic company, one of 15 deals the group has done since being set up just two years a…
Unspecified Rounds W Ventures has invested in Celcy, a food & beverage company. W Ventures committed an undisclosed amount to the Baltimore-based group
Secondaries have grown to become an indispensable tool for managing exposure to private equity