Family Capital

A number of reports show that Germany’s Mittelstand is performing better than non-family firms. 

Recent research suggests that family businesses help to make society more unequal, but is that really true? 

The financial services are often criticised for being too macho. Family businesses seem to be one of the few ways that women can work their way to the top of the sector. 

The man known as Big Moustache died when his plane crashed in Moscow, a great loss for Total and for his champagne-house family. 

Sibling businesses can give rise to worse fallings-out that any other sort of family firm, so how do you minimises the chances of that happening? 

A PWC report says that they are giving less back to the community than they once did, but is that really true? 

The received wisdom is that short-termist private equity and long-termist family businesses can never be reconciled, but some recent deals suggest that they are not always allergic to each other. 

You might think that having a family as the owner of a football club might make for stability and success. But that is not always the case, as this selection shows.