Family Capital

The rivalry between two brothers in the Parle conglomerate continues, even though they are now in their 70s.  

Rocket’s IPO, run by the three Samwer brothers, has a huge IPO. 

Family-owned firms perform better than non-family ones, according to many people. But do they really? The truth is a little more complex. 

As the latest European rich list show, family businesses are one of the few institutions that allow women to make it to positions of power and wealth.  

One of the founders of the Mittelstand has passed away, aged 88.

They rarely get enough recognition, but classic mid-market Mittelstand companies deserve to be championed. 

The Rothschild heir has had some bad experiences, but a new app for London black cabs sounds right up his street. 

A family feud proves that one of the worst things a founder can do is to try to determine who goes into the family business, and how they should live their lives. 

His father and grandfather before him plumbed the depths and reached the heights, and now he plans to fly round the world in a solar plane. 

The Rothschild family’s decision to move out of fossil fuel investments is typical of a new generation of families who are aligning their investment with their beliefs.