Family Capital

It might not be a household name, but Sweden's Kinnarps is one of Europe's biggest furniture makers. It combines a strong family tradition, roots in the town where it was founded with financial success
Europeans are often gloomy about their economy, but Chinese firms are on the lookout for businesses there, which often have deep traditions and a ready-made market
Most family offices are private, but a small handful are incredibly well-known. As competition for deals hots up, more might follow their lead
When the fourth-generation member of a German accounting firm set up his own travel business he might have thought it was a handy sideline, but he is learning skills that will stand him in good stead in…
They are best-known for developing some of London's most expensive property, so the rumour that the Candy brothers want to buy the FT seems bizarre
The business services group has bought Peter Leach & Partners, a London-based family business consultancy, to beef up its offering in the sector
Two of Australian mining billionaire Gina Rinehart's children have launched a legal case against her, criticising the way she runs her business
The Agnelli family's decision to float the jewel in its crown, Ferrari, is a wise move and it will be in safe hands.
Smartphones and apps might be all the rage, but if it is longevity you are looking for, then the building blocks are a better bet: think semiconductors and steel.
Giovanni Castiglioni, the head of the famous motorcycle company MV Agusta, has sold 25% of the business to Mercedes. In other news, the Koch brothers get spoofed, and Samsung is uravelling itself.
Spending billions on a glitzy new HQ was a bad idea, but it is emblematic of the chaebols' blindness to just how unpopular and out of touch they have become.
Banks have a poor reputation these days for their short-termism and dodgy practices, but family banks are largely immune from such behaviour. We look at some of the best.