Michael Foster

Stan Group, the $10 billion Hong Kong-based real estate company backed by the Tang Shing-Bor family has offered employees a stake in its buildings through the issue of tokens
The number of unicorns stampeding round the world will surge beyond 500 this year, as tech-driven ventures continue to disrupt their chosen sectors
The price of gold and oil surged, to no one’s surprise, following the US killing of Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian major general who was effectively deputy to its Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. 
As climate anxiety grows, amid Australia’s worst bush fires in history, family offices are stepping up plans to back ventures which curb carbon emissions. 
Few would argue that Quantitative Easing maintains its potency, more than ten years after it helped to prevent the Great Financial Crisis to turn into a full-blown depression
A growing number of US family offices are allowing key executives to acquire skin in their game, according to research by the remuneration adviser Botoff Consulting
It’s not unusual for self-made billionaires to get stuck into new ventures.
The switch to private assets is becoming “one of the most profound shifts in the capital markets since the 19th century,” according to advisory firm EY.
Michael Dell’s $16 billion family office, MSD Capital, is steadily increasing its allocation to private assets, as part of a shift away from stock picking. 
Family office demand for European venture capital is hitting record levels as their passion for tech-driven deals spills across the Atlantic
As an increasing number of people achieve billionaire status, they are finding it harder to unearth new ways to entertain friends and family
Family offices can be forgiven for feeling aggrieved with the performance of value-driven stock pickers, to whom they pay a generous fee to look after their hard-earned capital