Michael Foster

According to that well-worn Lancashire proverb, wealthy families are doomed to travel from clogs to clogs in three generations
As long as interest rates stay low, there is every chance that venture capitalists backing tech-driven opportunities will remain active.  According to PitchBook, exits are hitting 10-year highs.
If the combined might of America’s top university endowments cannot beat the market, what hope is there for the rest of us? T
Assets of more than $31 trillion are now invested in funds that take account of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, according to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance
The episode was brief, but a refreshing reminder of family values has been brought to light by Lady Nadine Cobham’s opposition to a £4 billion bid for a UK defence company once run by her husband.
Philanthropy has evolved over several generations to become better defined and global in scope, according to research by Wise Counsel Research
You may not guess it from market indices, but global stock markets have been having a bad wobble over the last few days, even before US President Trump said the Federal Reserve should cut interest rates…
A Detroit-based private investment group called Camelot Venture Group is about to realise a big windfall after backing a novel tech group called SmileDirectClub
Xanadu, a Canadian quantum computing firm backed by a posse of powerful investors, expects to take two years, or less, to develop systems which can be used by banks and asset managers to transform their…
Impact investing has become a buzz phrase among family offices keen to find a sustainable return from investments which purport to heal the planet
For the best part of a decade, investors have been piling into bonds, tracker funds, private assets and disruptive venture capital
Sustainable investment is growing apace, with assets worth $30.7 trillion using the approach, in one way or another, according to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance