Michael Foster

Carbon prices are set for a steady increase following the European Union’s decision to cut emissions 60% by 2030. 
Politicians blow hot and cold, but family offices are steadily increasing their involvement in strategies to deal with climate change
Electric vehicle manufacturer Lion Electric is said to be lining up a $ 2 billion market listing after EV rival Fisker Inc secured a 20% price premium on its debut
Dow Jones recently estimated that technology stocks account for nearly 40% of the S&P 500 index, against a peak of 37% during 1999’s dot-com bubble.
Growing interest in crypto-currencies from family offices - and a fear of losing out - is steadily pushing advisors into the sector
Venture capital has raised its game of late, but it is still a sector where investors are well-advised not to fall too deeply in love with a war story
Twenty years ago, few thought the big banks could be vulnerable to disruption
Space-cargo pioneer Momentus is the latest of a growing number of outer space ventures to win family office support to achieve take-off
The mathematics of keeping wealth in the family are unforgiving when you account for taxes, inflation, disruption, volatile markets and the needs of future generations
Wren Investment Office, part of a commercial multi-family alliance advising clients with assets of $11 billion, does not believe in taking success for granted
Nordic investor Bjarne Graven Larsen has recruited a powerful array of talent from family offices, banks and institutions at Qblue Balanced, his Copenhagen-based investment firm
Mira Life Science Ventures is pitching for long-term backing from family offices using a fee structure which remunerates its team through dividend payments, as opposed to a 20% performance fee used in…