Michael Foster

Family offices are returning to the oil and gas sector, to help fill a shortage of capital caused by the withdrawal of bank and private equity firms from the sector due to ESG concerns, fracking failures…
A start-up called Hethos is targeting family offices to raise seed capital worth $20 million to develop hydrogen mines, increasingly seen as a way to address the climate emergency
Family offices are increasing their focus on carbon capture deals, amid growing anxiety over climate change, as ESG funds and voluntary carbon go out of fashion
For years, family offices have been chasing unicorns - ventures which achieve a notional value of $1 billion or more by raising cheap capital to achieve tech-driven dominance
Experts are warning that AI systems could lose touch with reality by relying too heavily on an excessive use of synthetic data generated by their predecessors
Financial institutions are keen to breathe new life into digital assets by sponsoring the tokenization of securities and ETFs, which trade in line with the spot price of bitcoin
Fancy controlling an asset manager without paying a bid premium? French billionaire Xavier Niel can show you how
Vietnam’s top entrepreneur has added billions to his wealth in a fortnight, following a seven-fold rise in the market value of his electric vehicle company thanks to its SPAC listing in the US.
Henry Adams, a man of letters burdened with descent from two US presidents, was born in 1838 when the railroad was a novelty
Family offices are among investors who see a big future for companies which seek to create something out of thin air
Film director Jeffrey Katzenberg has renewed his love affair with cybersecurity to invest in Socket, which sets out to protect its clients against threats unwittingly delivered via systems operated by…
A team chaired by a former head of the UN global wildlife programme is seeking seed capital from family offices to invest in  African wildlife parks.