Michael Foster

As the tide goes out, family offices are fretting over their risk exposures, including investments in their own portfolios, which have failed to perform due to bad luck or flawed decisions
Active managers have lagged the index for years, often to the irritation of family office clients, who can now access an AI system which claims to have beaten both
Family enterprises and entrepreneurs led by Marc Benioff and Sam Altman are piling into Humane, an AI delivery platform led by a husband-wife team which has raised $100 million in recent days
A new generation of solo VC investors is backing Character.ai, a developer of chatbots programmed to develop different personalities and engage with their clients
Recruitment consultant Mark Somers believes in the power of family capital - to be more precise, family offices that use the right people to invest for the long term
Nearly three-quarters of US family businesses have failed to develop a fully-structured succession plan, according to an industry survey, despite the importance of smooth handovers
For the second time in fifteen years, the global banking system is at risk due to modern financial engineering
Family businesses have a problem with short-termism - particularly the stock market’s tendency to panic in adversity. And the Rothschild family is no exception. 
Family offices are weary of paying fees to ESG funds which fail to meet their objectives. But a lucky few have earned a total of 88.6% over three years from a fund which invests in the carbon market
One of the world’s top equity managers has raised eyebrows by investing $1.9
The decision of Sheffield’s big data specialist WANdisco to consider a US listing is another nail in the coffin for the UK stock market.
Tome is set to become one of the world’s more eye-catching AI ventures, if only to judge by the remarkable calibre of entrepreneurs, and family offices, who have agreed to back it.