Michael Foster

Over the years, retailers have often fallen prey to a range of whizz-kids using leverage, private equity and asset stripping to make their fortunes
Family offices have never been big believers in ESG funds. For one thing, they dislike paying fees so that someone else can control their money. For another, ESG strategies are poorly defined
Carta is winning support from family offices, investment syndicates and top venture capitalists in its mission to help company founders and employees manage, and sell, shares in their businesses, without…
In space, no one can hear you scream. This is just as well for Stable Road Acquisition Corporation, a SPAC sanctioned by the SEC over its planned merger with space ferry business Momentus
The Financial Conduct Authority, the UK regulator, has provided family offices with proof, if proof were needed, that pooled funds cannot be trusted
Billionaire Thor Björgólfsson is relentless. After thrills and spills in brewing, banking, telecoms and pharmaceuticals he is backing moves to digitise US housing finance.
Investors, and the media, could easily make a fuss over the way Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere is trying to take his media business private
The $35 trillion US housing market - backed by owner-occupiers and debt-fuelled investors - provides family offices with the perfect way to get rich in a buoyant market
Investment bankers tend to operate by rules of thumb.  They expect their clients to pay a 30% premium to take control of a company.  They prefer agreed bids.
Not content with managing his own wealth, Arno Kitts is building an investment business, five years after retiring from BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world
Tony Ressler’s private equity firm Ares Management has bought 34% of Spanish football club Atletico Madrid for $217 million.
Hydrogen is fast becoming an alternative energy source to fossil fuels, according to Goldman Sachs which sees it becoming a $12 trillion market by 2050