Ian Morley

When $30 trillion was destroyed in 2008, not a single Wall Street CEO saw the inside of a prison. As far as I recall, every one of those firms was onshore and regulated
My parents were both religious and sent me to bible classes. One lesson was truly scary
“I don’t know anything about it, and I don’t want to know anything about it.”  This was the response I had from my mother when I tried to show her how to work a computer many years ago. I gave
Before my dad would let me borrow his car he insisted I first pass my driving test and take a course in basic car mechanics. The sort of get you home type of course
Family offices were in the vanguard of ESG. More focused on their external investments than their own internal governance. Now they have to be introspective as well
Social media can be a bit like marmite (that English spread) that is used as a metaphor for likes and dislikes. It divides people quite strongly into likes and dislikes