Rodrigo Tavares

Business schools are now going out of their way to woo an increasingly environmentally aware next generation of leaders with more sustainable finance and business courses
In a panel on “Investing Wisely” held at Horasis Global Meeting last week, a New York-based investor in the audience challenged the panellists with: “while you are praising long-term investing, my avera…
At the beginning, investments in renewable energies only drew environmentally motivated capital. Money was allocated with the heart
Family offices and newspapers are not strangers to each other. Billionaires like Rupert Murdoch and Michael Bloomberg made their wealth in the news business
At least three trends are steering the wealth management industry. The first is related to the increasing role of mobile and digital solutions
While institutional investors are ocean liners, family offices are sailing boats ready to adjust sails according to the wind direction
Consulting firms and financial players like UBS, Capgemini, Credit Suisse, EY, McKinsey & Co. or U.S
One of the most important missions of family offices is to serve as a repository and guardian of family values
It took three centuries for the practice of making investments in privately held companies to gain a term of its own in the mid-1940s: “private equity.”
In the world of sustainable finance, family offices are regarded as latecomers, not trailblazers