James Williams

Many would say that every family office is different
Family offices need to take a long-term view and capitalize on market dislocations before prices gain too much momentum
11It has been a good calendar year for the Murrays, one of Scotland’s best-known entrepreneurial families. 
Family offices should be agile and able to capitalise on market dislocations before they gain too much momentum
For some family offices, the allure of investing with a wide range of talented fund managers is less strong than simply doing direct deals and taking satisfaction from the fact
Climate risk continues to grow but requires more private capital to fund innovation, following infrastructure legislation secured by President Biden, which earmarks $350 billion for the cause
When the US sub-prime mortgage collapse ignited the fuse that would ultimately lead to the implosion of global markets in 2008, the word “securitization” quickly became a word to be cursed under one’s breat…
After making its fortune on the popularity of one of the world’s most iconic game consoles, Nintendo, Japan’s Yamauchi family is on a mission to clean up the world’s oceans. The eponymous Yamauchi No. 10 F
Bassim Haidar has seen the light. And it has a distinctly green hue
Family enterprises across the world are playing a big role in meeting growing demand for lithium batteries for electric vehicles
Sanjay Nayar, the CEO of KKR India, has launched a venture capital firm, Sorin Investments, alongside Angad Banga of Hong Kong's Caravel Group, which has won support from Henry Kravis, co-founder of KKR…
Family offices brave enough to buy non-fungible tokens following their price plunge of 60% in three months will risk administrative headaches as well as price volatility