James Williams

Family enterprises across the world are playing a big role in meeting growing demand for lithium batteries for electric vehicles
Sanjay Nayar, the CEO of KKR India, has launched a venture capital firm, Sorin Investments, alongside Angad Banga of Hong Kong's Caravel Group, which has won support from Henry Kravis, co-founder of KKR…
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Jamie Cooper is a second-generation member of the Toronto-based family business Dream Unlimited, a $16 billion developer of office, residential, retail and logistics property and one of Canada’s largest d…
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As inflation spikes to its highest level in a generation, family offices need to work hard to protect their wealth against its corrosive impact
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Some of India’s richest families through their investment offices have invested in a fast-growing dental group that is hoping the trend for better teeth in the sub-continent takes off as it has in much o…
A US family office is on a mission to invest in women-owned businesses struggling to raise capital and scale up, and it is hoping to bring other family offices along on its investment journey