Are these people the top investment gurus of family offices?


Investment talent is increasingly wanting to work for family offices. No wonder – they often offer more flexibility than institutional investors and are in many cases much more interesting places of work. Here’s a list of some of the most talented investment gurus working for family offices today – and all of them ditched the institutional path to seek their career glory working for families of substantial wealth…

TomasAubell, chief investment officer at Jacobs Holding

Jacobs Holding is the investment office set up by the German entrepreneur Klaus Jacobs. Since his death in 2008, Jacobs Holding is now overseen by his children, including co-chairmen Nicolas and Philippe. Jacobs Holdng is one of Europe’s most prominent family investment houses. And overseeing investments there since 2015 is Tomas Aubell. A former management consultant at McKinsey and Bain, Aubell tuned his investment skills at the Swedish venture capital group EQT Partners, which is backed by the Wallenberg family’s investment group, Investor AB.


Matt Bigliardi, director of investments at Tao Capital Partners

Tao Capital Partners is the family office of Nicholas Pritzker, a member of the famous Chicago-based family dynasty. Tao Capital is a big investor in some of the most high-profile businesses anywhere, including Tesla, SpaceX, and Uber. Tao is also a big venture capital investor, with at least 19 rounds of investing in 15 different companies since 2011. And no doubt director of investments Matt Bigliardi has had an influence in investing in a number of these. A tech investment specialists, Bigliardi spend time at the technology private equity groups Silver Lake and Shah Capital Partners before joining Tao.


Ira Perlmuter, head of private equity and venture capital atT5 Equity Partners

T5 Equity Partners is the family office of the Ghermezian family – an Iranian-Canadian family behind big shopping mall developments in North America. And leading private equity, venture capital, and indirect investing for the group is Ira Perlmuter, who has worked by T5 for more than 12 years. Perlmuter has driven many of the family office’s big deals, say those who know him.


Vincent Vliebergh, CEO of Korys

Korys is the investment house of the Colruyt family – one of Belgium’s wealthiest families – who are behind the retail/supermarket group with the same name. Vliebergh has been leading Korys since it was founded in 2000 and had a lot to do with determining its investment strategy, which is very much geared towards sustainable investments and cleantech.