California Dreaming – The family investment groups of the Golden State


Given California is the sixth biggest economy in the world, it’s hardly surprising the state is one of the world’s centres for family investment offices. And no surprises that many of them are linked to the tech centre.

What’s more interesting is that many of them are pushing the boundaries of investing and what families with substantial wealth are doing with their money in the 21st century. And California’s counterculture ethos appears to extend to even its family offices.

In this respect, a few of them standout – Blue Haven Initiative, a family office with a total impact investing focus; and Omidyar Network, again, a family office completely committed to impact investing. Kapor Capital is also pushing a social agenda with its investments.

Here’s a list of 40 of them and the individuals and families behind them.

And others stand out in different ways like Thiel Capital, whose managing director Eric Weinstein has not only a high profile in the investment world but is also the person who coined the phrase the intellectual dark web and is a leading member of the group.

It seems like family investment groups looking to push the boundaries should look at the business models of some of California’s most interesting private investment offices.

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