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The complexity of gaining access to private investments in Europe can be daunting for investors and companies from other parts of the world. A multitude of challenges can arise from simply setting up a bank account to more complicated factors like identifying investment opportunities and the best way to structure an investment once it is identified.

London-based Redwings International can smooth many of those issues out for investors and companies looking to gain a foothold into Europe. Run by Patrick Larkin, a seasoned corporate finance and property specialist, Redwings can provide a one-stop shop for non-Europeans looking to invest in one of the most dynamic markets in the world.

Redwings, effectively a sophisticated concierge service for investors and companies looking to do business in Europe, can design strategies for these individuals and groups whatever their parameters might be. As Larkin says, sometimes these strategies might involve obtaining investment visas, money orders, or could simply be setting up a bank account. But at the more sophisticated end, Larkin and his team at Redwings can offer expertise in investing in Europe – from helping to identify appropriate investments, whether in property or private companies – to the best way of structuring these investments when they are made.  

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So, for example, if a China-based business in the artificial intelligence area is looking to gain access to similar businesses in Europe, Larkin and his team have the expertise to be able to help. They can identify similar companies in Europe and help to make those introductions. And, for example, if you’re an individual or company involved in medical distribution in India, and you would like to do the same in Europe, Redwings can provide the knowledge and expertise to make this happen.

Redwings certainly has the experience. Larkin and Redwings have acquired more than $300 million in property in the UK and the rest of Europe for investors. These investments have included prime residential and retail units in central London and Paris. Larkin and Redwings have also advised US and Middle East companies in the areas of digital media, healthcare and property on gaining access to European markets.

Larkin’s expertise in corporate structuring and strategy is complemented by access to local partners throughout Europe – whether they are lawyers, educational specialists, or other corporate finance experts. Redwings also has access proprietary access to top end property agents in some of the big capitals of Europe like London, Paris, and Dublin.

Redwings can also help with “Know Your Customer” requires, which aid outside investors to be taken more seriously when making an investment in Europe by ensuring that demands which arise on sources of funds, disclosure on beneficial ownership and having professional teams in place to carry out due diligence are all arranged.

Unlike a big financial institution, Redwings also has the benefit of being independent. This ensures their advice given to prospective investors is truly best in class rather than through a service provided by a bank that is pushing its own agenda.

So for investors and companies looking to do business in Europe, Redwings is your one-stop shop to make it happen.


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