Keith Johnston FOC

Risk appetites have largely evaporated as families are starting to question the validity of a direct investing model which saw them paying over-the-odds for investments they are now propping up
Too few family office executives make adequate contingency plans to find their next job in the sector
Family offices which fail to manage their staff will not only lose income and suffer a drain of capital
I understand there is a certain amount of envy among billionaires.  Some, finding out that their rival has a family office think "I must have one of them as well".
Private family assets such as superyachts and jets are expensive, not just to buy, but also to run.  Many families try to manage these costs but few have successfully turned them into profit centres.
Automation will help supplement traditional core commercial value-add strategies in real estate for family offices
Commercial real estate yields in big city markets like London and New York may have taken a hit in recent years
Family office executives often express frustration that they are not treated like institutions.  They see institutional money getting preferential deal-flow and rates.
Single-family offices in the real estate space often develop deep expertise
Family offices seeking to co-invest in property are increasingly using real estate investment trusts (REITs), given their tax efficiencies and good liquidity
Quantitative easing changed everything, and quantitative tightening will do the same, says Philip Higson, the managing director of Carylon, a Zurich-based consultancy which works with many family offices
Tech entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel has hinted that his private investment office Thiel Capital next big investment could be to co-fund a new content platform for free-thinking intellectuals