Matthew Gwyther

How does a family business keep skin in the game when no members of the younger generations are able or willing to take it on? If there is reluctance to sell to a “stranger” who might regard the purchase sim…
Are you a member of “the lucky sperm club,” as Warren Buffet termed those who are the children of members of the elite? Or have you built yourself up by the sweat of your own brow, using your innate per…
Which of the following factors has been the most beneficial to your career? Tatent, effort, social status or privilege?
As an ideology meritocracy is taking quite a beating at the moment. In the post Second World War years it promised to open opportunity for all and, for a while at least, seemed to work
What makes tech billionaires different - they are convinced they can run the world, universe, everything.  Back in the first decade of this century, Big Tech appeared invincible.
Last week the BBC hosted a daytime TV discussion on the subject of the super-rich and what they might do if the Labour Party wins the general election in the UK next month
With such implicit dramatic possibilities, it’s odd that family business hasn’t often been the subject for fictional treatment on the stage, TV or big screen.