The Browders – Communism, Capitalism…and Silicon Valley

Welcome to Family Capital’s Podcast Series – an occasional series of interviews with some of the most talented and engaging individuals in the world of family capital. In the second of the series, the award-winning business journalist Matthew Gwyther chairs a fascinating discussion with the Browders, father and son, Bill and Joshua.

Bill, the American-born British financier and political activist, is no stranger to the public gaze, famous for his ongoing exposure of human rights abuses and corruption in Russia. The author of two books, including most recently Freezing Order: A True Story of Money Laundering, Murder, and Surviving Vladimir Putin’s Wrath, the grandson of the former head of the American Communist Party, is a much-in-demand speaker and commentator. 

Less well known is his son Joshua, but perhaps for not much longer, given his growing success as one of the hottest venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. Bill and Joshua’s combined insights into the world of family capital and beyond are truly inspiring. 

In this podcast they talk about: 

  • Joshua’s unusual upbringing 
  • How they both fight powerful vested interests
  • What they think of Elon Musk
  • How to pick investment winners 
  • How war has changed global capital markets for ever 
  • How business cannot now ignore political risk 

“I wish I could have been more like him – creating things rather than getting involved in businesses where people were killing each other,” – Bill Browder

It’s a great conversation we’re sure you’re going to enjoy it. 

To listen to the first in the series – Family Entrepreneurship – The Flints, please click here. 


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