Sibling businesses can give rise to worse fallings-out that any other sort of family firm, so how do you minimises the chances of that happening?
It’s a perennial debate at private firms once they reach a certain point: should you float or not?The usual reasons to go public include the firm needing money to grow further, and whether it has a clear e…
As the latest European rich list show, family businesses are one of the few institutions that allow women to make it to positions of power and wealth.
A family feud proves that one of the worst things a founder can do is to try to determine who goes into the family business, and how they should live their lives.
South Korea's family-controlled conglomerates are becoming increasingly unpopular, and Hyundai's decision to splurge $10bn on land is another jaw-dropping error.
The Dutch brewing giant has rebuffed a takeover attempt and reaffirmed its commitment to family ownership - much to the joy of shareholders.
Ana Botin has made a textbook move to head up the Spanish bank that her father turned into a powerhouse, and other families could learn a lot from it.
Flotations are extremely popular at the moment and of course they bring many benefits but many families are not ready for the scrutiny that they bring.
Ferrari is being floated by Fiat-Chrysler, but it won't lose the family spirit under the Agnelli's stewardship.
Confusion surrounds the goings-on at the Italian luxury group, but the intention is clear - to ensure succession to the next generation.