Sweden is home to a multitude of excellent mid-market family-owned firms, many of them unknown outside its borders
Portuguese bank Espirito Santo, which collapsed in the summer, is now being investigated for money-laundering
The new head of Santander might have ruffled some feathers with her changes to the board, but jettisoning old family members and loyalists is the best thing she could have done to improve the business
That way you get exposure to many sectors and geographies, and hopefully the family can live off profits and dividends. So a conglomerate is a tool for preserving wealth.
Warren Buffett has a penchant for family businesses, and the culture of Berkshire Hathaway seems to fit them very well indeed. Families who want to preserve their heritage could do worse than to woo him
When the fourth-generation member of a German accounting firm set up his own travel business he might have thought it was a handy sideline, but he is learning skills that will stand him in good stead in…
The Agnelli family's decision to float the jewel in its crown, Ferrari, is a wise move and it will be in safe hands.
Spending billions on a glitzy new HQ was a bad idea, but it is emblematic of the chaebols' blindness to just how unpopular and out of touch they have become.
A factor overlooked by many analysts of the pharma company's potential takeover is that the family who control much of it want to sell.
The Japanese tradition of adopting sons-in-law to run family businesses is unique, but it seems to work.
Retired CEOs or founders can be a pain for their successors, but they can also be a repository of experience and knowledge that shouldn't be ignored.