With such implicit dramatic possibilities, it’s odd that family business hasn’t often been the subject for fictional treatment on the stage, TV or big screen. 
Alta Advisers is one of the UK's biggest single-family offices, managing billions of dollars from the Rausing family's fortune, one of the world's biggest
Companies owned by families pay more attention to issues of corporate social responsibility (CSR), such as sustainability and environmental issues, but this decreases as the company is handed down to the…
Last year, Family Capital wrote about the longest continuous running single family office in existence - William A. M. Burden & Co. This year, it celebrates its 70th birthday
Fame and publicity often accompany significant wealth. Such attention, whether desired or deflected can also make the family office a potential target for cyber-criminals
William A. M. Burden & Co is the oldest continuously running single-family office in the world
The relationship between an ultra-high net worth family and its single family office is a complex partnership that must survive many phases, transitions, and challenges
The first season of HBO’s series Succession looks to be a big hit.
Underneath all the very convoluted ownership structure is a multilayered private investment business
The 100-year life is becoming the reality for an ever increasing number of people. That will have a profound effect on family enterprises
Family businesses reckon that recruiting and retaining talented staff is their biggest issue..
Families need to better understand the capabilities of the next generation and the senior generation, and make sure they are aligned