Sometimes what one generation wants doesn’t happen – that’s often for the better

Some of these dynasties lasted for hundreds of years and were brought down by a quick succession of events. Family disunity played a big role in their demise

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The lawyers look to be the biggest beneficiaries of an ongoing dispute between uncle and nephew for control of Europe’s biggest private food companies.

A recent report predicts that women will increasingly lead family businesses as more families decide to appoint a female boss than ever before. Here’s five family businesses run by exceptional women who’ve made a difference to the success of their companies – and are providing a role model for future women leaders.

Economists estimate that the Greek economy has shrunk by at least 25% since it entered a prolonged recession in 2008. That’s hit companies hard and many family businesses have been at the sharp end of dire economic situation. It’s estimated that 75% of the private sector is family controlled, with most of these businesses employ just a few family members. But Greece has also given rise to the concept of shipping dynasties – made famous by the legendary Aristotle Onassis.

For the second generation it can be tough. Maybe the only way to prove to yourself you’ve got what it takes – and prove to your parents – is to become an entrepreneur yourself. That’s what Jan Olszewski has done.