The chairman has resigned after two decades, but the German automaker’s complex governance ought to ensure stability and continuity.

She has brought her family’s third-generation hearse and limousine-making business into the 21st century, and now they are creating a strategy for growth. 

The second-gen of Australia’s stud-farm-to-copper-mines conglomerate has continued his business’s drive to diversification by moving to Europe. 

Singapore’s founding father was a huge figure in the city state’s life, and his death raises issues familiar to many family businesses. 

Many successful family business people attend certain schools – here are five with excellent family business pedigrees. 

When he took over the struggling motorcycle brand from his dying father in 2010 nobody expected much, but it is winning on the track again, and Mercedes recently took at 25% stake.

Gebrüder Weiss is one of the oldest family businesses anywhere. It has survived for such a long time largely because of successive generations’ strong sense of loyalty.

Either they don’t have them, or they don’t let them into the public domain, but sometimes disputes between family members running businesses hit the headlines. Here are 10 of the bigger ones.

The Japanese tradition of mukoyoshi is well known, but sons-in-law have flourished in many family businesses all around the world. 

Irish oats firm Flavahan’s, now in its sixth generation of family control, manages to be both a solid employer for local people and a business with a huge international reach.