Family businesses reckon that recruiting and retaining talented staff is their biggest issue…that’s not going away given the demand for non-family executives is growing even at much smaller family firms

An MBA-type approach to management efficiency might be of little importance to family businesses

Great governance has helped Nuqul become one of the Middle East’s most successful family businesses. Now it is embarking on its next phase of growth, backed by private equity.

It is not uncommon for several generations of a non-owning family to work for a family company. Why does it happen? 

The third generation head of the family tyre business died his week aged 88. Others could learn a lot from his career.  

She has brought her family’s third-generation hearse and limousine-making business into the 21st century, and now they are creating a strategy for growth. 

Family businesses face many challenges to remain competitive, and the best solution is often to bring non-family professionals into top management positions.

Singapore’s founding father was a huge figure in the city state’s life, and his death raises issues familiar to many family businesses. 

Family businesses which focus on the founder’s genius are more likely to be badly managed and stuck in their ways than ones which concentrate on joint family effort.

What makes a good non-family business CEO? Search firm Egon Zehnder says that the successful candidate will fit one of three archetypes.