Their success is truely remarkable…and these are the six factors behind their succcess

Private equity take note – if a family business moving to next gen control doesn’t have a succession plan then maybe it’s up for sale…

Passing on a business to the next generation is likely to have greater tax implications in the years ahead

He was among the greatest advocates of all the best aspects of family businesses

Refugees don’t have the required skills and the only way they will gain them is with a massive subsidy from the government

Are these the beginnings of the winds of change for the backbone of Europe’s family business sector?

Germany’s all important family businesses still believe that their products are the best in the world, and that the US is likely to become biggest market in the next three years.

Ratan Tata buys a stake in China’s biggest smartphone maker, there may be trouble ahead for Siemens, and a South Korean heiress fights pirates. 

They have proved a disappointment to many investors, but German firms’ need to spread the risk of their financing means that they will keep using the capital markets.