They are among Europe’s most successful business women

A recent report predicts that women will increasingly lead family businesses as more families decide to appoint a female boss than ever before. Here’s five family businesses run by exceptional women who’ve made a difference to the success of their companies – and are providing a role model for future women leaders.

Families are by their nature gender mixed teams, which could be one reason that their businesses are so accepting of women. Many are taking positions of real power they couldn’t have 30 years ago. 

Research shows that British family firms were less likely to go bust in the recession, and that it might be down to the way they are governed. 

Women are increasingly moving into the top positions in firms owned by families, meaning they are well-placed to reap the rewards of diversity. 

New rules say that Indian firms have to have at least one woman on the board. Many have failed to comply, and others have appointed family members. Does that matter? 

The promotion of Ariane de Rothschild hints that the intensely male culture that has always dominated the banking family might be starting to thaw.