N&Q: Tata and tighter control over non-family managers; family office takes stake in sustainable group; PE/family business deals…

Tata’s leadership problems and dynastic management

An interesting analysis on the Tata leadership difficulties, which led to the dismissal of its chairman Cyrus Mistry last October, was discussed in a Financial Times article earlier this week. The article said the conflict between Mistry and Ratan Tata, that led to the former’s resignation, reveals the shortfall of dynastic management, i.e., family businesses. Of course, many family businesses might think differently – if anything, some may feel, it could lead to the curtailing of the powers of non-family business senior management as business owners exert their power to avoid a Tata-like problem. 


Ferd buys stake in sustainable group

Ferd, the Norweignon family investment group owned by Johan Andresen and his family, has taken a 17% stake in Benchmark Holdings in the UK. Benchmark contributes to improved fish health and sustainability across aquaculture species, through sales of specialised nutrition, genetics and health products, Ferd said in a statement.


Iberian family-owned fishing industry selling up to PE firms

Apparently, Iberian family-owned fishing businesses are selling stakes in their businesses. Here’s an article about three deals involving family-owned businesses in the sector done by three Spanish PE funds – Portobello Capital, GED Capital Development and MCH Private Equity – in the last 15 months. Spanish and Portuguese companies, many of them family-owned, control a big part of the world’s fishing industry.

Property mogul dies, son takes over

One of London’s best-known property developers Irvine Sellar has died, with his business interests passing to his son, James. Sellar was the main developer behind the building of the Shard – the tallest skyscraper in London. James will now run Sellar Property Group. 



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