London is the family office adviser capital of the world, followed closely by Chicago


There may be more family offices in New York than in London, but the UK capital is the biggest centre for adviser services to family investment groups in the world. Out of the 40 family office advisers featuring on Family Capital’s TOP FAMILY OFFICE ADVISER list nearly one third (13) are based in London, or very close by (Oxfordshire).

Interestingly, in the US, Chicago, not New York City, is the biggest centre for adviser services to single-family offices, with seven of them based in the Windy City. New York City has just two advisers on the list. Although if you include nearby Connecticut that number goes up to four. And counting all those based in the US, America is still the overall centre for family office expertise in the world, with 18 of those on the list based there.

Of course, Family Capital’s Top Family Office Adviser list isn’t disclosing all the names of the people who advise family offices, there are many more. But the list does give a pretty good indication of where the talent lies geographically. The depth and variety of knowledge in centres like London and Chicago in the family office sector are phenomenally strong, which means many family offices, whether they’re based in these cities or not, see the two as centres of excellence when it comes to servicing their needs.

Germany and Switzerland had three and two advisers on the list, respectively. Paris, Singapore, Shanghai, and the United Arab Emirates each had one representative on the list.


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