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This week’s family investment deals


F-Prime Capital Partners, a venture group owned by the Johnson family, owners of Fidelity Investments, has invested in ABK Biomedical. F-Prime was one of two investors in a Series B round worth $30 million for the Canadian venture. F-Prime has also invested in RiskLens, a cyber risk management software group. F-Prime was one of five investors in a Series B round worth $20.6 million for the US-based group.  

Labora Group, a Dallas-based private investment office which manages the money of the Hartland-Mackie family, has invested in Made In Cookware, a cookware brand. Labora seeded the US startup with nine other investors with $5 million.

Kinnevik, the Swedish investment group owned by the Stenbeck, Klingspor and von Horn families, has invested in Budbee, a transport tech company. Kinnevik was one of two investors in a venture round worth €4.8 million in the Swedish group

A family office owned by UK entrepreneur Paul Forster (Family Capital was unable to track down the name of the office) has invested in Sano Genetics, a biotech group. Forster’s family office was one of seven investors seeding the Cambridge, UK-based group with £500,000.

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