The Top 100 Family Influencers – Consultants

Late last year, Family Capital sent out a survey to its readers asking them to nominate who they felt were the most influential individuals in the world of family enterprises. We were looking for a wide gambit of names from different backgrounds, both linked directly to family enterprises and those in an advisory role in the sector. We received more than 2000 responses. 

Through these responses and our own knowledge of the world of both family businesses and family office – indeed, the world of family capital – we were able to draw up a list of the Top 100 Influences. These are the individuals who our readers and Family Capital believe are the most influential people in the family enterprise world. No doubt some readers might think others merit inclusion and some on the list might not, but Family Capital believes the 100 names represent a pretty good cross-section of the Top Influencers in the sector. 

Given the length of the 100, we have broken them down into eight categories: Financiers; Businesses; Executive Search; Investors; Lawyers; Fictional Characters; Academics; and Consultants – which is our fifth group to feature in our weekly series to run over the next month and a bit. To see our first list – Investors please click here. To see our second list – Academics please click here. To see our third list – Fictional Characters please click here.  To see our fourth list – Executive Search please click here

In alphabetical order


Nike Anani

Co-founder, African Family Firms

Nike Anani is fast becoming one of the top family business consultants in Africa, particularly related to engagement with the next gen. The co-founder of the African Family Firms, a pathfinder in promoting events and education on the importance of family businesses in Africa. Anani, who is based in Nigeria, where she also runs Nike Anani Practice, is also doing a lot to work with next-gen members of family businesses, helping them to better engage with their families and their family businesses. Those who nominated Anani say she has been pivotal in helping to underline the growing importance of family businesses in Africa and helping to create an ecosystem around the sector. 


Paul Andrews

Managing director, Family Business United

Paul Andrews founded the UK-based Family Business United in 2011, which has since gone on to become the most prominent voice for family businesses in its home market through its numerous events and publishing efforts. The former Coutts bank family business advisor has enthusiastically promoted the family business sector in the UK economy through events and publishing. Those who nominated him say Andrews has tirelessly worked with family businesses to get their message out to the wider public and to better reveal their strengths as family-owned enterprises in the British economy. 

Craig Aronoff

Co-founder and principal, The Family Business Consulting Group

Highly respected in the world of family business consulting and academia, Craig Aronoff is also one of the most connected advisors in the sector. The founder of the renowned Cox Family Enterprise Center at Kennesaw State University, Aronoff has also been one of the most published experts on the sector, authoring and co-authoring more than 30 books on family business advice and more. The co-founder of the Family Business Consulting Group, where he and his team of consultants have worked with many of America’s top family businesses, as well as internationally, Aronoff received numerous endorsements and accolades from those nominating him. 


Alexis du Roy de Blicquy

CEO, Family Business Network International

Since taking over the role of CEO of the Family Business Network in 2013, Alexis du Roy de Blicquy has gone on to develop the group’s work in more countries than ever and promoted with zeal the importance of family businesses in the world’s economy. With first-hand experience working for family businesses and international organisations, de Blicquy has proven to be perfectly placed to lead the FBN’s efforts in developing its membership and its sought-after events, including its prestigious annual conference. Those who nominated de Blicquy say he has the mind and experience of a top administrator and a sharp entrepreneurial sense when it comes to forging the success of the FBN. 


Sonu Bhasin

Founder, FAB – Families And Business

Sonu Bhasin describes herself as a family business historian, and her book The Inheritors – Stories of Entrepreneurship and Success details the successes and difficulties of many prominent entrepreneurial family businesses in India is testament to her meticulous attention to historical detail when it comes to the sector. Bhasin’s book underlined her depth of scholarly knowledge on the family enterprise world, particularly in regard to India, but she has also gained plenty of first-hand practical experience with family enterprises, having sat on the boards of many of them and advised many others. Those nominating her say she is one of the wisest heads when it comes to family business advice in India.  


Walid Chiniara

Partner and leader, family enterprise consulting, Deloitte

Walid Chiniara has established himself as a top family enterprise advisor across the Middle East. A pioneer in the evolution of better governance within family businesses in the Gulf region and beyond, Chiniara is highly regarded among the Middle East family enterprise community. A corporate lawyer and an accredited mediator in intergenerational conflicts, Chiniara has worked with many of the region’s top family enterprises and is often the go-to person when it comes to the family enterprises issues in the Gulf region – a fact acknowledged by those who nominated him. 


Peter Englisch

Global family business leader, PwC

Peter Englisch, the global family business leader for PwC, has gained a big reputation as a strategic constant in the world of family enterprises during his years at EY and more recently with PwC. The initiator of many family business events and publications, Englisch is a well-known figure among family business leaders across the world. At EY, he set up the group’s global family business center of excellence, initiated a family business section to EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year awards and events, and launched an annual yearbook celebrating the best family businesses in the world. A big believer in the importance of values at family businesses to ensure their lasting legacy, Englisch has played a major role in facilitating the professionalization of the family business ecosystem. And those who nominated him say Englisch has achieved gravitas at the top table of family businesses around the world. 


Peter Fletcher

Founder, Club b

Chair and founder of Club b, arguably the most influential family office conference group in the world, Peter Fletcher has built an enviable reputation among family offices internationally. That’s partly through his own personal experience of selling a business and forging a new path with an investment group – so learning from first-hand experience – but also through setting up Club b, first informally in 1995 and gradually more professionally as the group’s following mushroomed among single-family offices in the next two and a half decades. Those who nominated him say he is one of the best-connected individuals in the family office world and his events are highly regarded in the community, perhaps the best in the business, say many.  


Judy Green

President, The Family Firm Institute

If there is one person more than any other who has promoted the importance of the advisor/consultant for the global family enterprise sector then it must be Judy Green, the president of the Boston-based Family Firm Institute. Green has been the president of the influential FFI for 28 years and during that time has created and underpinned the foundations for the huge success of the organisation through its educational and events efforts across the world. An FFI certificate has become the kitemark for the family enterprise advisory community and that’s largely due to Green’s efforts. Those who nominated her say Green is a true pro and has been the driving force behind FFI’s success, which has had a halo effect on the professionalization of the family business world. 


Emily Griffiths-Hamilton

President and founder, Griffiths Hamilton Family Office Advisors 

Few family enterprise advisors come with more first-hand experience of the family enterprise world than Emily Griffiths-Hamilton. The author of Build Your Family Bank and Your Business, Your Family, Their Future, comes from an entrepreneurial family with both her grandfather and father builders of very successful businesses, Griffiths-Hamilton has also owned and managed two Canadian national sports teams. That gives her, along with her training as an accountant, family enterprise advisor,  and conflict resolution coach, plenty of expertise in the advisory world for family enterprises. And those who nominated Griffiths-Hamilton mentioned her broad expertise and background as a reason to be among the top family enterprise influencers. 


Catherine Grum

Partner, Head of Family Office Services, BDO

Catherine Grum, who has just joined BDO as head of family office services, spent five years in a similar role at KPMG, dealing with the often complicated issues affecting investment offices across the UK and beyond. At KPMG, Grum grew the family office business and her knowledge of the wider world of family enterprises, particularly in relation to the nexus between operational businesses and setting up a family office has gained her accolades among those who nominated her for her work with the sector.  


Sara Hamilton

Founder and CEO, Family Office Exchange

The founder of the Chicago-based Family Office Exchange, Sara Hamilton is a pioneer in the advisory world for family offices, building a community throughout the US and beyond since she set up FOX more than 30 years ago. Without doubt, Hamilton and FOX have done much to help professionalize the family office world and continue to do so. She has also written extensively about the sector and helps with executive education with a focus on family wealth at the University of Chicago’s business school. Those who nominate Hamilton say she has been a pathfinder in the family office advisory world and has been imitated by many since, but few have achieved her success and respect. 


Peter Leach

Founder and chairman, Peter Leach Associates

Peter Leach has a world-wide reputation as a top family business consultant, having set up the highly respected constancy Peter Leach & Partners before selling it to Deloitte in 2014. Now plying his trade again as an independent advisor to family enterprises, Leach continues to influence the sector not lease through his many years of experience and connections he has built up in the community. Outside of his base in the UK, Leach has also gained a reputation in the Indian business community, arguably the most important centre for family businesses in the world. Those who nominated Leach say he combines years of experience with real practical and strategic knowledge of the sector. 


Peter Lorange

Founder and chairman, Lorange Network

Peter Lorange is currently leading the Zurich-based Lorange Network, which works with many family owners and entrepreneurs in a host of strategic and business areas. The former president of the business school IMD in Switzerland, Lorange comes from a family business himself – a Norweigian shipping dynasty, which the family sold in 2006. Lorange academic credentials in the world of business are greatly admired and he has combined these with considerable practical experience in running companies, both from a strategic perspective and an entrepreneurial one. He has a broad range of contacts in the sector and the wider business community, giving him insights much appreciated by the family enterprise sector. 


Paul McKibbin

Family office advisory services, managing director, EY 

Paul McKibbin is an acknowledged expert on family office strategic advice, having been connected to the sector for more than 20 years. Now an executive director at EY in the US, McKibbin set up Family Office Metrics in 2007, a highly respected provider of technology and strategic consulting to family offices. He sold the business to EY in 2015 and has continued along the same well-respected path since. McKibbin also co-founded Shaking the Tree, a not-for-profit group that uses professional theatre to engage individuals and families of wealth to discuss issues such as family dynamics, the psychology of money, trust, decision-making, and responsibility.


Peter May

Founder, PETER MAY Family Business Consulting

Peter May is arguably Germany’s number one family business consultant. The founder of PETER MAY Family Business Consulting, May has been consulting in the sector for more than 20 years, having sold his initial consulting group INTES to PwC in 2013 after setting the group up 15 years earlier. May works with many of Germany’s top family businesses and has initiated various family business-centric ideas and groups, including one of the first governance codes for family businesses and was a key figure in the setting up of the Institute for Family Business at WHU, Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany, one of the best centres for family enterprise studies in Europe and headed now by another Family Enterprise Influencer, Nadine Kammerlander. He is also managing director of the FBN’s operations in Germany, one of the most important chapters of the global FBN community.  


Lise Møller

Director, Family Business Engagement, IMD

Lise Møller has established herself as one of Europe’s best-known family business engagement specialists in her many years connected to the sector. Møller, who is currently director of family business engagement at the Swiss business school, IMD, is a respected family business specialist, having also worked in a similar role at INSEAD before rejoining IMD at the start of 2020. During her career as a family business specialist, Møller also helped to underpin the success of the Lausanne-based FBN International where she worked before joining IMD in 2007. Those who nominated her say Møller has quietly worked behind the scenes to build an excellent reputation in the industry for her efforts over the many years she has been connected to the sector.  


Angelo Robles

Founder and CEO, Family Office Association

Through the Family Office Association, which he founded ten years ago, Angelo Robles has established a reputation as a top family office advisor and events organizer. He has also become a thought leader in the sector, having founded a think tank called the Effective Family Office and published books in a similar vein on the sector. Those who nominated Robles say he has built a following among many family offices in the US and comment on his excellent events. 


Kirby Rosplock

Founder and CEO, Tamarind Partners

A family office specialist, Rosplock is well-known and respected in the family enterprise sector when it comes to quality advice. She is also the author of the much-respected The Complete Family Office Handbook, which is being re-released in a second edition in November. From her base in Florida and through her company, Tamarind Partners, Rosplock has worked with many of North America’s top family offices both with the principals and their staff to help bring about best practices. Rosplock has also worked with many advisers to help them better understand family offices and what are their often complex requirements. All these attributes were acknowledged by those who nominated Rosplock. 


Edouard Thijssen

Co-founder and CEO, Trusted Family 

Edouard Thijssen is a next-generation member of a family business giving him first-hand insights into the demands and pressures of a family enterprise. As such, few individuals were better placed to set up an intranet technology platform for family members of a business and/or investment office when he co-founded Trusted Family in 2007. Trusted Family has gone on to establish itself as the leading governance platform for the family enterprise community, with a wide following among owners and next geners. Those who nominated Thijssen say he has pursued his entrepreneur efforts at Trusted Family with huge energy and commitment, which is admired and respected in the family enterprise and advisor community. 

Michael Zeuner 

Managing partner, WE Family Offices

Michael Zeuner co-founded the consulting group WE Family Offices, which through his efforts and the other two managing partners has gained a reputation as a top strategic and investment consulting firm working with single-family offices. Before setting up WE Family Office, Zeuner worked as a management consultant and finance expert for many of the top banks and multi-family office groups in the US. Those who nominated him say Zeuner has been instrumental in professionalizing the family office sector in the US and is able to draw on years of experience connected to the sector.


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  2. Thank you FamCap, sharing it with and including all FBN team and colleagues in this recognition as it is truly the result of a great team work and engagement over the past many years at the service of our community “to redefine success across generations”.

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Another wonderful list of folks who are not just great consultants, but whose personal openness, care for the field, and willingness to support families and each other, makes a great difference in the world.

  5. Thanks you Family Capital and all respondents for this fantastic recognition. Congrats also to all other nominees. I strongly believe that the time is now to support legacy family business to renew their licence to operate and support them to succeed in business and generational transition. We all have a role to play here and I look forward to working with you on this task.

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