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The Top 100 Family Influencers – Consultants


Late last year, Family Capital sent out a survey to its readers asking them to nominate who they felt were the most influential individuals in the world of family enterprises. […]

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  1. THANK YOU, Family Capital


  2. Thank you FamCap, sharing it with and including all FBN team and colleagues in this recognition as it is truly the result of a great team work and engagement over the past many years at the service of our community “to redefine success across generations”.

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Another wonderful list of folks who are not just great consultants, but whose personal openness, care for the field, and willingness to support families and each other, makes a great difference in the world.

  5. Thanks you Family Capital and all respondents for this fantastic recognition. Congrats also to all other nominees. I strongly believe that the time is now to support legacy family business to renew their licence to operate and support them to succeed in business and generational transition. We all have a role to play here and I look forward to working with you on this task.

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